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        Agent for export 
        Agent for import 
        Add: No.918 Jiefang East Road ,Taixiang Building,Wuxi City,Jiangsu Province, China
        Tel: 0086 510 82232173
        Fax: 0086 510 82232133
        Cell: 15852500888
        Contact: Jane Huang
          ABOUT US


        WUXI ZHIFA IMP.&EXP.CO.,LTD. established in 2005, is a company specializing in providing one-stop agency services of import and export. The company is located in wuxi city, only 150 kilometers away from Shanghai, has convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. Since its inception has been adhering to the professional, good faith and pragmatic spirit of service, and try our best to provide every customer with professional high-quality import and export agent services, and with a number of enterprises established long-term strategic cooperative partnership.


        The company focus on foreign trade agent services for more than ten years, has a professional work team, the company's business scale keep rapid development, its main business covers: textile and clothing, machinery and equipment, glass products, electrical equipment, electronic products, chemical products, and many other industry category. Import and export agent services, including: commodity inspection, warehousing, customs clearance, insurance, transportation, receipts and payment of foreign exchange, tax rebates and other one-stop service, to ensure that customers can smoothly pass in international trade.


        Company advantages:

        1. Dedicated to foreign trade agency service for more than ten years

        2. Low cost, high service and efficiency

        3. Keep strictly confidential of customer resources

        4. High reputation of customs to ensures rapid customs clearance

        5. Provide tax refund advance service within 3 working days

        6. Cost transparency and provides complete documentation

        7. Long-term cooperation with several shipping companies to reduce customer cost

        If you want to develop the import and export business but do not find an ideal agency, we sincerely welcome you to call for consultation and negotiation. We are willing to give full play to each other's advantages, take win-win cooperation as our goal, promote the development of our business and face the competition in the international market together.

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        AddNo.918 Jiefang East Road ,Taixiang Building,Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China  Phone0086 510 82232173  ICP08002262̖

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