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Who is Perfection is Possible!?

Where does the name come from!?

So the trade industry has a reputation of not living up to clients expectations. They are super busy and don't have the correct systems in place to keep up with the amount of work that they have coming through. 
After spending a few years in the trade industry and hearing great feedback from clients about how they are impressed with how we operate our Company. This is when we decided to call ourselves Perfection is Possible, Your Painting Professionals.
This was to show our customers that we not only deliver high quality work but we believe delivering an exceptional service from communication to response times with phone calls, enquiries and proposals, to the way we run the entire business was essential. We run the business this way for the residential repainting market and the body corporate market who want these qualities in a trade service. 

Our Team: 



Sam has been the Owner & Director of Perfection is Possible in NZ since the beginning in 2015. In 2015 he slipped, tripped and fell in New Zealand from Australia where he ran the family business, and now has passed onto his brother. Sam has always had a passion for business and for people. He is continually learning then implementing systems and strategies to improve every aspect of the company. His goal is to have a reputation of excellent service, high quality workmanship and to become a local leader in the wider Auckland Region. 

"Perfection is Possible, the Painters the Home Owners choose." - Sams new slogan the Aucklanders will know him for.



Rachel has been doing the accounts and administration work since the beginning in 2015, back when it was just a two man team. Now we have over 4 teams and growing. Rachel also runs her own fitness and health Company here on the Hibiscus Coast. 

Her position includes with the Company is taking care of all the accounts, taxes and GST, advertising, and invoicing as well as other basic admin work. "Basically anything Sam throws at me. Sam has grown Perfection is Possible really big pretty quickly so it requires a lot of learning, researching and catching up to Sam and his ideas." 



Chris has had 20+ years experience managing painting projects, spanning industrial, commercial and domestic properties and now has been with the Perfection is Possible team for over a year now. Chris is a qualified fitness trainer, a keen fisherman, a staunch supporter of Rugby League and loves to spend quality with family and friends.

The nature of my work involves scoping, costing, planning, scheduling and managing painting projects to ensure their on time and on-budget completion. "One skill which has served my clients well is my artistic eye for choosing the right colours and their combinations." 

Chris is an enthusiastic, organised, hard worker, with a cheerful personality. "Enthusiasm underpins the success or failure of a business operation and team work. It is the glue without which things will come apart." 

The Team


Perfection is Possible now have 4 teams and growing on the Hibiscus Coast with full time work. At times our staff have reached 15 plus in total. The company has grown quite quickly from just a two man team back in 2015.

We carefully select skilled, professional and friendly workers for your piece of mind and to provide you with an exceptional service. We provide a painting service that is catered to the residential home owners requirements. We aim to ensure our clients are informed of each step of the process. We then follow up after the job is complete to see if you are happy with the finished result. 

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