Body Corporate Painting

When it comes to body corporate painting projects there are a lot of different people involved. These individuals range from tenants to committee members to owners. A painting project then needs to be tailored to suit the needs of all those involved. The team at Perfection is Possible understands the need to balance the expectations of committees, owners and and tenants, keeping it as easy as possible with minimal disruption and maximising quality standards. 

Our team will provide you with competitive pricing, detailed reports, tailored maintenance plans and a friendly, reliable and professional team of guys you can trust to get the job done. 

Our services included:

  • Interior & Exterior repaints

  • New Builds

  • Rood Painting & Restoration

  • High Pressure Washes  

  • Professional Colour Consultations

What we do:

  • Written condition report

  • Maintenance

  • Full repaint

  • Wash

  • Billing on the 20th of the month 


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