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Painting Plaster Houses

Painting Plaster Houses. Every home requires maintenance. Plaster homes, however, require more. Paint is a key waterproofing component in Monolithic or plaster cladding systems. 

Plaster homes need to be painted at least every 7-10 years, with regular check-ups in-between and a soft house wash every 12 months. That is where we come in.

Perfection is Possible Painters specialise in painting plaster houses and maintaining exterior plaster cladding systems. We maintain and paint a number of plaster homes each year in Orewa and across the North Shore and have painted hundreds of residential buildings since we started our business in 2015. Call 021 0881 0780 to ask about our painting plaster houses services. 

Flexible Plaster Houses

One of the issues with monolithic cladding is that it isn't flexible.  All houses move and settle over time, and when plaster houses do, cracks can appear in the exterior, allowing water to seep in. Once in, moisture gets trapped and timber framing can start to deteriorate. 

Paint coatings with built-in elasticity have been specifically made for plaster homes, so even though your property moves, the paint coating stretches to keep the exterior of your home watertight. 

If you own a plaster house, we recommend painting your property with these special coatings and keep the paint on your plaster house clean with an annual wash. Paint lasts a lot longer if it is not dirty. 

More Than Just a Paint Job

Painting plaster houses is a key component of the waterproofing process, not just a lick of paint. The paint coating system is an integral part of an exterior plaster cladding system and is critical to the weather-tightness of your plaster house.

Painting Plaster Houses, Perfection is Possible Painting Residential Professionals

Plaster House Painting With Perfection is Possible Would Include: 

  • Cleaning and removal of lichen, dust, dirt, and grime.

  • Re-painting the plaster cladding on your home with an Elastomeric paint, such as Resene X200, X400 Or Dulux Elastomeric. 

  • Advice on paint colour - choosing a paint with a Light Reflective Value (LRV) of 40% or higher is recommended.

  • Inspection of joinery and advice on re-sealing if we find any potential issues. 

  • Repainting with a water-resistant membrane, where applicable

  • Cracks in plaster cladding ground out and repaired with an acrylic-based plaster

  • Managing repairs and fixes on any flashings, gutters or downpipes

  • Organisation of all scaffolding

Painting Plaster Houses, Perfection is Possible Painting Residential Professionals
Painting Plaster Houses, Perfection is Possible Painting Residential Professionals

Quality Plaster Home Care

Our plaster home maintenance services will treat the complete exterior of your apartment, unit, building complex or house. We treat plaster homes all over the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast, and we're committed to proving quality workmanship and competitive pricing to all our homeowners. Call 02108810780 for a free quote.

Painting plaster houses: see what they have said about our services across the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast. 

Our Promise to you: 

  • We will give you a realistic time frame for the completion of your job and make sure we stick to that deadline

  • We will give you fair, accurate pricing on all our plaster projects

  • We will respect your property, children, pets, or tenants and belongings at all times

  • Our painters and decorators are honest, courteous people who always clean up their mess

  • Our preparation is thorough; we never cut corners

  • We only use the highest quality oils and stains

  • All our work is backed by the industry's best guarantees: no risk to you

Our commitment to outstanding painting plaster houses paint jobs is unwavering. We aren't satisfied unless you are. 

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