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Resene Eco Decorator

Proud Certified Resene Eco Decorator

Sustainable decorating is more than just choosing an environmental choice approved paint. It is about making sure that paint is applied in an environmentally responsible manner following sustainable principles. Only contractors who successfully meet these standards can promote themselves as an authentic Resene Eco Decorator, which is who we are. 

Resene Eco Decorators. Perfection is Possible, Your Residential House Painting Professionals.

Painting Practices Where Nothing is Brushed Aside

We are recognised as responsible, quality focused Resene Eco Decorators / painting contractors and we undergo regular assessments of our sustainable work practices, waste management, project plans and project sign off processes. 

For trusted, skilled, Resene Eco Decorators committed to sustainable principles call our painting team on 021 0881 0780.

Eco-Friendly Green Painting Practices

The Resene Eco Decorator programme has been designed to recognise a nationwide network of environmentally responsible painters. Certification means that every step of every painting job carried out by a Resene Eco Decorator is in line with up-to-date, environmentally aware principles. 

As responsible, concerned New Zealand painting contractors, we chose to undergo assessment for the Resene Eco Decorator programme. Our sustainable work practices were all examined and assessed, and we're delighted to say, we passed with flying colours.

Specialist Auckland Painters

We are now one of around 80-odd Resene Eco Decorators in Auckland. Resene works with over 10,000 painters nationwide, so being an accredited Resene Eco Decorator makes us a wee bit special. 

It also means that the Perfection is Possible painting team pays special attention to the effects each of our painting and decorating projects could have on our clients' homes, families and Aotearoa. 

Advantages For Homeowners

Because of the rigorous assessment required to join the programme, homeowners that choose a Resene Eco Decorator get the very best, environmentally responsible service. 

By employing the services of a Resene Eco Decorator, like us, to carry out your painting and decorating projects, you can have the confidence that we are fully committed to sustainable principles. We work hard to minimise the impact each residential project has on the environment by encouraging the use of smart recycling techniques and the reuse of painting materials whenever possible, thereby reducing waste. 

Resene Eco Decorators. Perfection is Possible, Your Residential House Painting Professionals.

Through the Resene PaintWise recycling programme, we can return any surplus or unwanted paint with its packaging . To minimise smell, harm to the environment and enable water wash-up, we also prefer to use Resene environmentally friendly paints, where possible. 

As Resene Eco Decorators, we are trained in health and safety requirements - they are an inherent part of our business - and Resene audits our compliance annually. 

Resene Eco Decorators. Perfection is Possible, Your Residential House Painting Professionals.

Who Is Perfection is Possible?

Many tradespeople have a reputation of not living up to clients' expectations. Usually because they are just super busy and do not have the systems in place to keep up with the amount of work they have coming through. 

After spending a few years in the trade industry and hearing great feedback from clients about how impressed they were with the way we operate our company, we decided to call ourselves Perfection Is Possible Painting Professionals. Why? Because we're the painters and decorators North Auckland homeowners have recommended. See what they have said about our interior house painting services across the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast. 

We wanted our customers to know that not only do we deliver high quality work, but that we believe in delivering an exceptional, environmentally responsible service from response times with phone calls, enquiries and proposals to the way we run the entire business as Resene Eco Decorators.

They're Helping Us Help You

And we're Resene Eco Decorators. Thinking about the importance of environmental standards in our homes is something we should all be actively doing, and Resene is making it easier for us to help you. Call 021 0881 0780 for a free no-obligation quote to paint your home or residential building today. 

Our Promise To You

  • We will give you a realistic time frame for the completion of your job and make sure we stick to that deadline

  • We will give you fair, accurate pricing on all our projects

  • We will respect your property, children, pets, or tenants and belongings at all times

  • Our painters and decorators are honest, courteous people who always clean up their mess

  • Our preparation is thorough; we never cut corners

  • We only use the highest quality oils and stains

  • All our work is backed by the industry's best guarantees: no risk to you

Our commitment to outstanding paint jobs is unwavering. We aren't satisfied unless you are. 

Resene Eco Decorators. Perfection is Possible, Your Residential House Painting Professionals.
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